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  • Courses
    Adults, Teens & Adolescents will benefit from trulyBalance's interactive courses.
    To master the inner self and move through life with ease click here.
  • Workshops
    The needs of specially targeted audiences and life situations are covered in trulyBalance half-day, full-day and multi-weekend workshops.
    For positive changes in your life please click here.
  • Individuals
    If you are burnt-out, suffer from anxiety, or need to get your energy back? Sign up here for a customized trulyBalance one to one personal program to help you move through life with ease.
  • Corporate
    Creating a positive environment for creativity, respect, dignity, freedom and success. For coaching with an inner balance twist to move your company start here.


  • Sophrology
    Become aware of the self and be happier and more calm, balance the mind.
    Smile here.

  • Reflexology
    Balance your body's organs and systems for optimal health.
    Balance here.

  • Reiki
    Re-energize and bring your inner and physical spirit into balance.
    Re-energize here.

  • Holistic Massage
    Overall body massage that targets your specific balancing needs.
    Relax here.


trulyBalance is dedicated to helping you balance your physical, mental, emotional and inner self.

Courses, workshops, coaching, and various wellness treatments to help you on your personal path to success.

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