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Balancing your life and relationships through a shared experience.

trulyBalance offers WORKSHOPS for people ready to make a change in their lives and their relationship with themselves and those in their lives.

Be Chill
Dynamic Relaxation exercise so your Teen can be CALM & CONFIDENT in all situations.

(Sophrology, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology & NLP)

These workshops are comprised of  2 - 3 hour workshops and are suitable for both Middle School and High School students (11 to 19). This workshop series is a unique experience whereby participants will learn life skills for managing stressful situations with confidence, in a relaxed and focussed manner. The skills they learn cannot be learned anywhere else and these are skills for life!

Participants will learn several sophrology exercises as well as exercises to improve self-esteem, improve sleep patterns, instantly calm the self, feel more confident, discover and feel good about who they are.

Watch this short video to learn more about beChill and here past participants speak about their experiences.

These workshops give students the `time out` they need to recharge their batteries and be happier in day-to-day situations.

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beChill Life


4 weeks 
May 13 to June 3
18:00-18:50  CEST
 Max.15 participants

In-Person Workshops

June 7 & 14
11:00 to 14:00
  Max. 5 participants


Emotional Balance
Mental Balance
Families in Balance 
(One Sunday per month, 1.5hr. sessions)

Become more positive with the self and increase your relationship bond with your child through Sophro ludique games and Sophrology exercises. One parent per child

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Physical BalanceEmotional Balance
Mental BalanceInner Balance
Mothers In Balance
(Series of 1 day and 2 day workshops, 6 hrs/day)

Course designed for Mothers looking for the next step, either in how they want to raise their family or how they want to live their life once their children reach the teen years. Involves 8 days in total over the course of 10 months. Course includes Sophrology exercises, philosophies of Louise Hay, NLP and energy work and other coaching tools developed by Annette and others. Final weekend is spent in the mountains of Switzerland where you will put your intention for the future forward.

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