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Induces relaxation & calm

Alleviates pain

Improves blood circulation

Benefits mental health

Eases pregnancy, induce labor

Preventive measure for many health issues

Compliments cancer care

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Balance your physical body and bring it's organs into full health and optimum order!
Reflexology is a system of massage whereby the Reflexologist uses their hands, finger and thumbs to apply pressure to reflex points on either your hands or feet. This technique is known to relieve tensions and restore proper functioning of the bodies organs. This technique is not a modern day invention as it dates back to the Egyptians and Chinese over 5000 years ago.

The principle of this therapy is scientific. By applying deep, controlled compression with the thumb to reflex points, along the zones that correspond to the bodies major organs, on the feet or hands,  tensions and blockages are released allowing the free flow of Qi energy to all organs and cells of the body. This helps the body to heal itself. The pressure on the reflex point triggers a physical response from the corresponding organ, gland or part of the body. When pressure is applied to the feet, the foot is calling for a response from the body. This happens because
the feet are part of the bodies “fight and flight” mechanism. Just think of how your body reacts when you walk over a stone covered surface. Reflexology taps into this system.

`I studied Reflexology while living in Singapore and have been administering it to my clients and family since 1996. In most cases my clients sleep much better after a treatment and their ailments improve over time. I have even successfully induced labor for a client that was past her delivery date. My approach is holistic, thus I incorporate accurpressure on the legs, affirmations, and energy balancing into my treatment if the body needs it. I have worked with clients with multiple sclerosis, cancer, insomnia, emotional imbalances and general stress, with great results`.

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