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Equivalent to a 4 hr. sleep

Keeps the body's energy balanced to keep you healthy

Speeds healing after surgery & recovery from acute & chronic illness

Increases energy levels and improves concentration

Enables you to stay calm when facing challenging moments in life

Reduces pain

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Experience the revitalizing power of hands on healing. Reiki reinvigorates the mind, body and soul!
Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is based on balancing the body`s energy flow (life force energy) between it`s natural energy centers. Our body has several main energy centers and each one corresponds with a different, color, gland, organ, emotion, body system, sense and area of consciouness. If your energy is low, you may not feel well or lack the drive to do your daily tasks. Reiki treatments increase your “life force energy” which will make you more capable of being happy and healthy.

During a treatment you may feel a warmth from the practitioners hands which is soothing and relaxing. It is akin to a warm radiance that surrounds the body. Reiki treats the whole person, including the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual self. It gives you feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki is effective in helping most known illnesses and works well together with other medical or therapeutic treatments to relieve side effects and promote a speedy recovery.

Reiki is a gentle method of healing that can be used to treat both chronic and acute aliments. It can be used intensively over a course of consecutive days (usually 4) to enhance its effects before or after surgery, accidents, illnesses, etc.

`I became a Reiki Master while living in Geneva and use it frequently in both my daily life and in my practice. My client`s have experienced the uplifting and healing aspects of this treatment. Some of my client`s have gone onto learn Reiki themselves so that they too can use it in their daily lives. Reiki is a tool for us to become more aware of the energy that we ourselves are made of, and of the energy in all the living things around us. It also helps us to understand how the energy we project in our words and thoughts affects the outcomes of each of our daily interactions`.

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