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Balancing the self with happiness training to move through life with ease. Sophrology is a series of short, easy to do, physical and mental exercises & techniques that blend both the science of the human consciousness and Eastern practices such as Yoga and Zen. It is an easy technique to help us stay in the present moment and become more authentic in our general way of living.
Sophrology exercises are easy to remember and can be done anytime, anywhere. When practiced regularly, these exercises train your mind and body to become healthier and stronger. You grow in calmness, inner joy and awareness. As you learn to express your full potential and discover your true self, life becomes more satisfying and fulfilling.

When doing Sophrology exercises we are in a relaxed state and become aware of sensations in the body while we do the exercise which focusses on positive, happy events, objects, places or people in our lives. This process of becoming aware of the body brings us out of our intellect and back to our physical being. In this way we notice our body when we are having a positive experience while accessing the sub conscious mind. By repeating these exercises our conscious mind becomes freer and more aware of the positive physicality. This in turn makes us more positive and happy in our everyday life. Many of the exercises are dynamic in nature, allowing us to wholly focus our mind on the immediate experience. Sophrology enables us to become more aware of the corporal self in a calm and happy state.

Sophrology was founded, in the 1960`s, in Switzerland by a Colombian born psychiatrist, Prof. Alfonso Caycedo. His work and research, was driven by his goal to help depressed and traumatized clients be healthier and happier with diminished use of drugs and less heavy psychiatric treatments. Dr. Caycedo has administered and taught Sophrology, primarily in the french and spanish communities. A Swiss Doctor, Raymond Abrezol, started using the method with sports teams in the 1970`s. It was with Dr. Abrezol`s success working with athletes and teaching the method to other doctors, that Sophrology became a popular therapy in both France and the French speaking Cantons of Switzerland. It is used successfully in schools, businesses, hospitals and in sports throughout these two countries.

`I studied Sophrology in the first recognized English school located in Geneva, Switzerland. The experience increased my level of awareness on several levels and allowed me to accept my past, enjoy the present and look forward to a great future. I have been a practitioner since 2008 working with clients with burn-out, cancer, grief, anger, and those looking for their path in life.

I also work with students at the Middle, Secondary and University Levels, teaching them how to manage stress levels and prepare for exams in a confident, calm manner. As well I have worked with senior executives and athletes to help them reach their personal and business or sport goals`.

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